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Do your DJs bring back up equipment in case of a possible emergency?
Even professional equipment can fail, so we always bring back up equipment, on site.

What happens in the event that your DJ becomes sick and cannot perform?
We are affiliated with many DJs and will do our best to find a suitable replacement.

Will your DJ be suitably dressed for our wedding or formal event?
Yes, our DJs always dress in accordance with the level of formality of the event.

Do I get to choose the music for my event?
We give you the option to choose as much of the music for your event that you would like. However, we suggest that you give our trained professional staff the ability to improvise if it appears that your guests are not enjoying the music selections.

Do your DJs know proper wedding procedures and etiquette?
Yes, our DJs have been trained professionally for many years and have attended many seminars and classes.

If I contracted your DJ for five hours and everyone is having a great time, what is your persuader for overtime?

Any time over the contracted time is overtime. Your overtime price is noted on your contract before hand. All overtime must be paid prior to working past the contracted time.

How does deposit and payment work?
We take a $200.00 deposit to secure the date, and the balance is due before or by the day of your event. You may make payments on the balance in advance or pay your balance all at once. We accept checks up until 10 days before your event; once within the 10 day period we only accept cash.

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